This week on Teen Mom 3, the episode continued to focus on tensions between Katie and Joey, which have been at an all-time high since they decided to call off their engagement two weeks ago. Last week, we saw the couple move out of their apartment—an event that devolved into yet another fight—and this week, we see the couple make yet another attempt at co-parenting their daughter, Molli, while simultaneously trying not to wring each other's necks. Spoiler alert: It ends with Katie throwing coffee on Joey. In other words, not well!


After their major fight last week, things between Katie and Joey are tense—to say the least. Since moving out of their apartment, Katie has been staying at her dad's house while she tries to figure out what the next step in her life is. Unfortunately, she finds it pretty hard to move on when she sees a picture of the new girl that Joey began seeing two days after they broke up, Brigitte, and discovers that she has a child of her own named Kynlynn. Yikes.

With every passing week, it's becoming more and more clear that Katie and Joey should not even be in the same room together, let alone raise a kid. The moment of clarity this week: When Katie drops Molli off with Joey for the weekend, they get into another fight about feelings and their broken relationship, which ends with Katie tossing a cup of coffee on Joey—right next to Molli. Apparently, the cup has been sitting in the car for days so it isn't hot (though Joey claims it is), but it could have easily hit Molli as well. Katie reasons that nothing got on Molli so it's OK. 

It's not OK.

Also troubling is the fact that Katie can't seem to truly separate her self-worth from her relationship with Joey. During her first full weekend without Molli, Katie wonders how she'll be able to move on without him and build a life for herself separate from him—even though when they were together, she was unhappy as ever. 


For Briana, this week saw her struggling yet again to regain some semblence of a dating life. While this would normally be no problem, Briana's sister Brittany and their mother, Roxanne, end up disapproving when they discover just who Briana wants to date: Jacob, a dude who's too similar to Briana's no-good ex Devoin for their liking. Briana doesn't seem to realize that she has shitty taste in guys, though, and arranges a date with him on "the down low," as if the MTV cameras following her around won't attract attention when they go to get ice cream, or whatever. 

Briana ends up going to meet Jacob with her daughter Nova in tow, and Jacob ends up bringing a friend as well. Is it a date if other people are present with them? Probably, but Briana is overjoyed with her decision, and decides to keep seeing Jacob without telling her sister and mother. 

Fortunately for Briana, this elation doesn't last long. After going out with Jacob again, she discovers that he's been talking to another girl online (SHOCKER), and her dreams of having a bad boy boyfriend with a heart of gold are immediately crushed. Since she can't confide in her mother about seeing Jacob—that would mean admitting she lied—she talks to her friend Kanisha instead. Someday, she'll learn, right?


While Katie and Joey's relationship is undoubtedly the most drama-filled on the show, Alex and Matt's one again proved why it's definitely the worst. This week, we discover that Alex and Matt haven't even spoken since Matt called to inform her that he was leaving the halfway house that he had been staying in, and, apparently, Alex isn't even sure if Matt will be at Arabella's first birthday party—she doesn't even know where he is. While Alex is bummed out by the prospect of Arabella not having her father present on her special day, everyone else tells Alex the obvious: It'll be good if he doesn't show, because there'll be less chance of drama.

Instead of inviting Matt to the party, she invites him to see Arabella on the actual day of her birthday—but he doesn't even respond to that. Matt is officially AWOL.

As expected, the party goes smoothly without him—and also gives Alex a chance to reconnect with her own father, whom she's grown apart from since giving birth to Arabella. The two talk during the party, and Alex's father explains that he doesn't like seeing his daughter taking care of a kid and acting like a total adult at only 18, but he's supportive for the most part. Matt may be absent, but it looks like Alex is, at the very least, rebuilding a relationship with her own father.


Saved the less dramatic for last! This week, now that Mackenzie and Josh are back together, things were pretty much the same as before—except this time, Mackenzie's parents are a little mad at her for doing every little thing that Josh says in fear of losing him again.

Mackenzie still seems to be on cloud nine since getting back together with Josh, though, so she puts off actually confronting her parents for a while—until her friends persuade her to, anyway. When Mackenzie heads home, she talks with her parents about their concerns, and they admit that they're worried about putting too many rules in place for her because they're afraid she'll leave with Gannon and never come back if they push her too far. Mackenzie doesn't really agree with this, but she does say that she wants to make her own mistakes so that she can learn from them, instead of her parents guiding her every move.

That is pretty much the most dramatic thing that happens all week to Mackenzie—the rest of the episode sees her spending time with her family and Josh by the lake, riding jet-skis and legitimately having a fun day. Big revelation: Looks like Josh is capable of showing a full range of emotion after all! I knew he had it in him.

With the season finale approaching next week—and confirmation that Mackenzie and Josh do indeed get married—it seems like smooth sailing ahead for these two. Could this really be...a happy ending on reality television? Shocker.

Teen Mom's reason of the week to wear a condom

This week's episode, like every week's episode, acted as an extremely convincing argument to always wrap it up. Seriously, this show is a better condom ad than actual condom ads. So, what is this week's reason of the week to wear a condom? Use one, lest you want to deal with a dateless life of fighting with your ex about whether or not the coffee you threw on him was hot, or days old. Your time is much better spent.