The trajectory is the same for every antihero. At the beginning of the series they commit morally questionable acts, but it's usually in the name of some greater good. The audience can excuse it. But sooner or later, the ethically challenged protagonist must have their "live long enough to become the villain" moment (except Dexter, because God only knows what kind of show those writers thought they were making). The sins become more heinous, more inexcusable, until eventually the guy we were rooting for is now the villain of his own story.

With Sons of Anarchy more than past the halfway point in its arc, Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) has been making one ruthless decision after another, each with dire, unpredictable but unsurprising consequences, good intentions nonwithstanding. It's time to admit the ugly truth: the prince-turned-king of SAMCRO has evolved into a pretty bad guy. What's more, he's been on this path even when he was at his most self-righteous.

As Sons' dark sixth season heads to the finish line, we look back at all the pain Jax has caused, both intentionally and inadvertently during the series.

Otto's wife Luanne got killed after Jax threatened rival porn producer Georgie Caruso.

The series-long corruption of Tara, which started with her brief hospital suspension.

And led to her becoming Gemma 2.0

And who can forget Jackson Teller's Method for Dealing With One-Night Stands?

He saved Clay's life at the time he most deserved to die.

Robbing Opie of his one shot at vengeance eventually led to:

Jax and Clay's lie also had fatal consequences for two innocent daughters.

There's also Jackson Teller's Method for Dealing With Meddlesome Ex-Junkie Ex-Wives

 He got Tara mixed up with Otto, which, (surprise!) ended badly.

For her.

Despite talks of getting the MC out of gun-running since season two, the seasons six premiere ended with a kid getting his hands on one of their machine guns. And taking it to school.

Then Jax guilt-tripped Juice into killing the boy's mother. Lest she snitch. (He makes it look like an overdose.)

Jax tells trigger happy IRA members he's done buying guns from them. Their response:

R.I.P. Filthy Phil, the gentle biker giant.

A prison visit to Clay on Jax's behalf introduces Gemma to the worst C.O.'s of all time.

And the most recent mistake, which takes the fail cake:






And here's a supercut of Jax killing a lot of people, so you know the antiheroism is real:

Written by Frazier Tharpe (@The_SummerMan)

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