Tonight, at 10 p.m., we all ride back into Charming, California for the sixth season of FX's Sons of Anarchy, Kurt Sutter's brutally violent biker drama. Freely playing with the set-up of HamletSOA follows a biker club in northern California rocked by internal strife. Jax is saddled with a difficult mother and a bad stepfather. Just like Hamlet, but with more cocaine, porn stars, and shootouts.

We go into this season without a clear villain. Damon Pope, the Oakland gangster who wreacked havoc in season five, is dead. Tara is in jail. Jax seems to be back on his mother's side again, but if there's one thing for certain in Charming, it's that no allegiance is permanent.

To get ready for tonight's mayhem, we're revisting the craziest developments in the show so far. These are The Biggest "Oh Shit" Moments in Sons of Anarchy (So Far).

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