If the audience that took in Spike Lee’s new film, Oldboy, at a special Complex screening last week was in on the story’s wild plot twists, you couldn’t tell—there were sincere reactions of shock throughout the crowd as the story worked its way to its never-see-it-coming conclusion.

It’s been ten years since Park Chan Wook blew our minds with his dark, trippy revenge story, and the talk of an American remake has been constant in the time since. When Spike Lee took the helm on the project, we knew we were in for more reinterpretation than rehash, and the final product does not disappoint. Incredibly original in its own right, the new film is absolutely on par with the classic original.

The screening happened at the Bowtie Chelsea Cinema 9, in New York City, and was hosted by skateboarder and Harlem native, Kareem Campbell. Oldboy had the audience engaged from beginning to end, particularly during the intense fighting and action sequences, which is a real testament to Lee’s range as a director. Conversation throughout the night revolved around the general feeling of excitement and surprise over this crazy new edition to the Spike Lee library.

The after party for the screening took place at the 40/40 Club. Among those rubbing elbows were bloggers Miss Info and Meka from 2DopeBoyz, reps from ConcreteLoop, team members from the fashion label Black Scale—and, of course, Kareem Campbell and his crew.

Oldboy hits theaters on November 27. Click here to check out the red band trailer (NSFW).