The bar at the Langham Place hotel (400 5th Ave.) in New York City is serving a $176 cocktail. Even with the Aperol and Plymouth Gin, that remains unreasonably costly—or, simply re-goddamn-diculous. However, the drink, known as the Quattroporte, comes with a ride in a Maserati. If you order the drink, a Maserati Quattroporte—which travels up to 176 miles per hour—will take you anywhere that you want to go in Manhattan.

To arrange the Quattroporte experience, you have to order it 24 hours in advance, and it will only be available this month. According to Gothamist, the hotel has yet to sell one, which suggests that not even a free Maserati ride can justify a $176 drink.

The month is still young, though. There's still time.

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[via Gothamist]