City: New York
Neighborhood: East Village
Address: 122 St. Mark's Place
Closed doors in: April 2, 2007
Famous for: Served as the venue for Jeff Buckley's first EP Live at Sin-E in 1993

As the go-to club amongst an iconoclastic clientele of emerging writers, photographers, artists, designers, and musicians, Sin-E offered a creative atmosphere with acoustic gigs in its late-night sessions. Musicians like Ben Folds, Octopus Project, and Jeff Buckley took their first risk in the music biz at the venue, playing for measly tips. Its famous clientele and well-known performers included Johnny Depp U2, and Iggy Pop. Unfortunately, the original club closed in 1996, only to be relocated numerous times at North Eight St. in 2000 and at 150 Attorney St. in 2003. The final venue at Attorney St. only survived a short stint before being closed due to gentrification in 2007.