City: Atlanta
Neighborhood: Downtown
Address: 595 N. Ave.
Closed doors in: Late '90s
Famous for: The premier hot spot in the Atlanta hip-hop scene

Part restaurant and part performance venue, Club Kaya was a renowned venue in the Atlanta rap scene. It was a cultural epicenter, and on any given night, you could see a number of DJs like Frank Ski or DJ Kermit spinning afro-latin funk cuts or hip-hop gems. On Sunday nights, they had the legendary Old School Sundays as DJ Nabs ruled the decks. Kaya was known for spawning the careers of a number of hip-hop legends like Jay-Z and a young Ludacris but also featured old school artists like Sugarhill Kane and Kurtis Blow. The venue was featured in the film American DJ Story, which documented the rise of spinners in Atlanta.