Gold isn't getting old.

Just a few weeks after they released an 18-carat gold HTC One, HTC is gettin' gold once again—if you count a paint job as the best thing next to that. The company is releasing a champagne-colored (ring a bell iPhone lovers?) HTC One, which complements the One's body pretty nicely. Seriously, Samsung released some limited edition S4's, and they looked terrible. The HTC One, however, is something I can get behind. It's the same old gear and technology inside though, as nothing outside of the color has been changed: the phone still comes with a 1080p display, Android 4.3, and Snapdragon 600 CPU. As of now, the phone will only be available in Europe, and though the company hasn't released official pricing, it's expected to be roughly the same price as a silver HTC One, which is about $600 without a contract. So, that number might not be too pretty, it's a hell of a lot cheaper than the 18-carat gold HTC One, which went for $4,000.

At least iPhone 5S kids aren't the only ones that can have all of the fun now. 

[via Android Central]