If further proof was needed that table top gaming was experiencing a renaissance, look no further than Dungeons & Dragons newest campaign expansion: The Sundering.

Set in the Forgotten Realms, The Sundering is a new campaign that sees the world of Forgotten Realms plunged into chaos and the forces of darkness looking, once again, to crush the forces of good once and for all. 

The Sundering, will allow playesr to experience the new campaing across platforms. The expansion can be played through tabletop roleplaying game adventures, store-based play programs, novels, accessories, and the first free-to-play D&D mobile game, Arena of War. The Sundering is going to tie directly into multiple analog and digitial Dungeons and Dragons story events.

The newest season of D&D Encounters, an evening tabletop play session that occurs every Wednesday night at local game and hobby shops nationwide, is The Legacy of the Crystal Shard. This new season begins November 14.

The third book in the six part The Sundering series, The Adversary by Erin M. Evans, is meant to tie directly into the new campaign and provide a massively sprawling backtory to the new Forgotten Realms adventure.

To further eperience the depth provided by The Sundering be sure to download the free-to-play mobile title Arena of War.

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