There is a beautiful zen-like detachment that comes with manual labor. Even if you think you're a people person, after a year or two of dealing with people in a business context, I assure you that you will no longer be a people person. Some of the best jobs I've ever had have been manual labor jobs. I've crated apples in an orchard, shoved plants around a greenhouse, loaded trucks at FedEx, and dug out sand traps on a golf course, and none of those jobs were all that bad. An added bonus: I didn't have to worry about a gym membership while I worked those jobs. The problem is that manual labor doesn't pay very well. In every one of those jobs I had semi-legal and ex-convict co-workers. They were great guys for the most part, but they wouldn't have gotten hired as waiters or retail clerks; a saturated market means low wages. If you can deal with the meager amount of cash, manual labor is one of the best day jobs around.