A brief lesson in subway etiquette: do not eat anything with a highly flagrant fragrance on a populated train. A Gothamist tipster by the name of Jim forwarded this picture of a man going in on a wheel of Brie during the evening commute on the N train:

Homeboy was seriously enjoying a half wheel of what must have been a severely aged Brie with crackers. He'd dig his gross fingers into the Brie, dig out a piece, slap on a cracker and throw it down. The Brie was highly fragrant and most straphangers were appalled. He also licked his fingers after each bite (perhaps my biggest pet peeve/gross out move). He got off at Atlantic/Barclay, boarded the R and left the subway at Union St. Clearly Park Slope's finest. It gave me the chills to watch his saliva soaked fingers dive repeatedly into that ripe cheese.

The fact that someone could enjoy such a pungent meal in public shows a total lack of concern for everyone else. Plus, you know those crackers left a mess. How selfish.

[via Gothamist]