How's this for a fact that'll make you feel old: Two days ago, Fountains of Wayne's song, "Stacy's Mom," turned 10 years old. It's troubling, really—it feels like just yesterday Stacy's mom emerged from her majestic pool in that red bikini. In fact, to make it even more trippy, consider this: Stacy herself would be in her twenties now.

In honor of the anniversay (which is, of course, a very important day) VH1 commemorated it in a rather creative way: With a list of the top ten celebrity mothers in Hollywood who are, get this, hotter than their daughters. Sure, it sounds a little wrong, but it's not much different than "Stacy's Mom"—and it's a good gallery.

You can check out the full list by heading over to VH1 at the link below.

10 Celeb Moms Hotter Than Their Daughters

[via VH1]

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