CastAR is a new project from two former Valve employees that’s using mini-projectors and eye tracking software to project 3D images in front the viewer than can be manipulated. In combination with the use of a Radio-frequency identification (RFID) mat, physical objects can be used to manipulate digital ones.

The CastAR glasses consist of tiny projectors being fed information from a computer using HDMI or USB ports to project an image on a mat that can be manipulated with RFID objects or the use of a special wand.

The CastAR is demoed playing a Dungeons & Dragons game but the glasses are primarily being marketed as an augmented reality device for a multitude of applications. Best of all, it won't be very expensive. The basic headset is being sold for $189 including a reflective board, which is required for use. Check out the Kickstarter page to learn more about this still-evolving technology.

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[Via The Verge]