Police are now arresting top Silk Road users in the US and overseas, and more arrests are expected to come soon. 

After taking down the alleged owner of the website, which was known as the "Amazon of drugs," authorities have arrested a man in Washington who is believed to be in the top 1-percent of drug sellers on the site. In the UK, police have arrested four Silk Road users, while two men in Sweden have reportedly been arrested for selling marijuana on the site. The site did more than $1.2 billion in sells, so these users are probably near the top of the heap in terms of what they were doing on Silk Road. The man in Washington, Steven Sadler, was arrested after one of his buyers worked with the FBI to trace packages they had found that contained money and drugs. Authorities in the US were able to gain entrance into a Silk Road server, meaning they're now able to read many private messages and transactions that were processed through the site. It's reported that some users encrypted their messages, which would make their messages harder to crack, but not everyone was that cautious. In other words, there are a lot of people out there with sweaty palms right now.

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[via The Verge]

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