New York City Democratic mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio says that Brooklyn's Di Fara (1424 Avenue J) has the best pizza. Ruben Diaz, Jr. would beg to differ, arguing that the city's best pizza can be found in the Bronx. Diaz, the Bronx Borough President, might have a bit of an axe to grind.

"The Bronx has the best pizza," the Soundview native told Gothamist. Diaz takes his pizza seriously, as most New Yorkers do. "You start to develop an appreciation and a love for this New York delicacy," he continued. "Then you start going around and you start taste testing. And then you start having debates, because everyone, no matter who they are, swears they know where the best pizza is."

Diaz was kind enough to share some of his favorite pizza spots with Gothamist. They include Coals (1888 Eastchester Rd.), Napoli's Best Pizza (521 East Tremont Ave.) and New Yankee SK Pizza (1616 Westchester Ave.). You can experience Diaz's complete Bronx pizza tour here.

[via Gothamist]

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