Unlike your local theater where everyone ignores the animated pre-movie message to avoid "adding your own soundtrack," the (Texas-based) Alamo Drafthouse Cinema chain is dead serious when they say No Talking, Texting, or Calling. So much so that an attendant even had the stones to ask Madonna to stop texting and put her phone away while she attended the New York Film Festival screening for 12 Years a Slave. Perhaps inspired by the film, she reportedly refused and called said attendant an "enslaver."

The incident led Alamo founder/CEO Tim League to announce via Twitter that Madonna was effectively banned from the chain. Speaking to EW, he wryly confirmed: "Yeah, I’m serious, but I don’t think it really affects her life that much.” Let this be a message to everyone: if it can happen to a queen of pop music, it can definitely happen to you too. In fact, let's just pretend every theater is as strict as the Drafthouse from now on.

[via EW]