From the album: Transformer (1972)

Adventureland not only used a number of Lou Reed songs, it made him an integral part of the plot. Revered among the titular theme park's underpaid employees, park mechanic Mike Connell (Ryan Reynolds) is rumored to have once jammed with Lou Reed. It's a rumor Connell has no problem perpetuating. The film's protagonist, James (Jesse Eisenberg), is something of a literary romantic, which means he's also a huge Lou Reed fan, and is immediately impressed by his older coworker. (He's also heartsick, which means we get scenes soundtracked by songs like the Velvet Underground's "Pale Blue Eyes" and Reed's "Satellite of Love.") One of the film's funniest moments, though, comes at the end, when James realizes that everything he's admired about Connell may not have been what it seemed, as Connell boasts about performing a Lou Reed song that doesn't actually exist. Oops. —David Drake