Reports are coming in that the new Retina iPad Mini 2—which hasn't even been officially announced yet—will be in short supply when it's launched later this month.  

How come, you ask? Because Apple placed strict power-saving specifications on the suppliers who make the display (which are believed to be Samsung, LG, and Sharp), and the companies are having a hard time meeting those specifications. The time needed to finish the work and ramp up production of the displays means that once Apple launches the device, it will be in very limited quantities, and full-scale production won't begin until early 2014. So, don't expect to see them in stores until after Christmas. Considering that recent leaked photos of the iPad Mini 2 show it coming in gold, well, expect to see it going for a pretty penny on eBay, just like the gold iPhone 5S is right now. "Gold" and "limited quantities" is the perfect combo to strike gold on if you're looking to sell.

It's believed that Apple will be announcing the retina iPad Mini 2 and the iPad 5 at an event on Oct. 15th. Start saving up.

[via 9 to 5 Mac]