It took eight years for How I Met Your Mother to finally introduce us to the titular mother of the show—and even now that they have, the entire final season is set during just one whole weekend, so there's not much time for character development, or to see her relationship with Ted past the sort of growth a person can go through in just two days. It's infuriating for both the audience and those poor kids sitting and listening to Ted tell them his story...and now we might get to do it all over again.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, CBS is considering a HIMYM spinoff, except instead of it centering around a guy living in NYC with his four good friends, searching for "the one," it'll center on a young woman living in NYC with a "similar set of friends" searching for "the one"—often hanging out at MacLaren's Pub too, just like the original cast. So, basically, How I Met Your Father.

As talks are still in the early stages, and HIMYM hasn't even ended yet, there are a few questions which are left hanging: Who will be female-Ted? Will she be telling the story to her children as well? Will CBS actually name this thing How I Met Your Father? Why does anyone think that a HIMYM spinoff is what the world needs right now? Hopefully, we'll get some answers soon.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]