A group of students at Northgate High School in in Pittsburgh, Pa. got a live demonstration on why drugs—especially heroin—are bad when their substitute teacher passed out in front of them after doing heroin before work. CBS Pittsburgh reports that 26-year-old Christopher Chiapetta lost conciousness in front of a class of 11 students.

Bellevue Police Sgt. Mike Hudson says that Chiapetta took a break around noon, only to pass out when returning. After Chiapetta woke up, he denied being high until four baggies of heroin were found in his pocket and marijuana was discovered in his car. He finally came clean (no pun intended), admitting that he had used heroin around 6 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Chiapetta was arrested on several drug charges in addition to endangering the welfare of children. However, Hudson told CBS Pittsburgh that he was reaching out to students and their parents to see if they felt "victimized," which could lead to more charges. He's being held on $10,000 bond at Allegheny Jail. 

All of this brings the Ryan Gosling-starring drama Half Nelson to mind.

[via CBS Pittsburgh]

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