According to a news broadcast on state-controlled China Central Television, the U.S. Military is working on new "smart armour," which is true, but the station put up images of cosplay Halo Master Chief battle armor next to the actually in-development suits.

The program New Defense Observations is clearly designed to scare the crap out of the Chinese viewers who would be led to believe that the U.S. Military already has Halo battle suits, sorry guys, just cosplay.

The program compared real in-development military tech to the suit from the Iron Man films but mislabeled some excellent cosplay made for the fan-made Halo film created by the 405th, a Halo costume builder. The host of the show, Military Questions Expert Li Li, went on to say: "It's unknown how effective such armour [SIC] would be in actual combat in protecting the soldier," the professor added. "We will have to wait and see."

Well we can answer that question for you, not very effective! Online in China and the guffaws and eye rolling came fast. One user on Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter) wrote: "Master Chief! How did you end up on CCTV? And you also joined the US Army..."

So did the show’s producer think they could pull a fast one where consoles are banned? This isn’t the first time China’s goofed on games, confusing DeviantArt creations with real ships in the Japanese military.

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[Via Kotaku]