Lists have taken over the Internet, and we at Complex are guilty of adding more to the stacks of them already out there, but the king of lists is still undisputedly BuzzFeed. But what goes into a BuzzFeed list, and why do we like them so much when, as Maddox from The Best Page in the Universe says, "Nobody at BuzzFeed gives a sh-t about you." 

“These articles are designed to mine clicks from a specific demographic so BuzzFeed can use these metrics to sell sponsored content to regional advertisers," he says. "Nobody at BuzzFeed gives a shit about you, Michigan State University or the problems Hawaiians are suffering from. You’re a pawn. They’re using you for clicks to sell you to the highest bidder. You mean less than nothing to them.”

Watch his angry rant above, and see if you agree.

[via HyperLocal]