Let's face the music: D.C. is a foodie city. As you read this, a photo of a meal is being Instagrammed somewhere in the District and any mention Restaurant Week is incites the same level of excitement as Fashion Week. D.C. may not be large, but it's a densely populated melting pot with restaurants that aim to satisfy the diverse palates of its residents. Dining in the city is an adventure, one that inspires Yelp lists on the regular.

We're adventurous, so we elected to highlight some of the area's best restaurants. Be aware that this is just a brief glimpse at a few D.C. restaurants that are hot at the moment. There are many amazing restaurants in this city; just because your favorite isn't mentioned, doesn't mean that isn't elite. It's absence doesn't mean you can't love it like your only child.

If you're a furloughed government employee, these places most likely have something to soothe your pain. Consider this list of the 10 best restaurants in D.C. right now a celebration of comfort food.

Written by Julian Kimble (@JRK316)

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