Here's some slightly good news to end your day with: According to Variety, The Walking Dead has become so popular that it's now the most expensive scripted series to buy 30 seconds of ad space during, even over CBS' juggernaut of a comedy, The Big Bang Theory. It's the little victories, you know? 

Here's the breakdown of pricing, via Variety:

1. Sunday Night Football (NBC): $628,000
2. Monday Night Football (ESPN): $408,000
3. The Walking Dead (AMC): $326,000
4. The Big Bang Theory (CBS): $317,160
5. American Idol (Wednesday) (FOX): $281,600
6. The Voice (Tuesday) (NBC): $273,714
7. The Following (FOX): $264,300
8. The Voice (Monday) (NBC): $259,240
9. American Idol (Thursday) (FOX): $257,926
10. Modern Family (ABC): $249,025

As for how much AMC makes per episode of The Walking Dead, with this number we can pretty accurately calculate it: If there are about 18 minutes worth of 30-second commercials during a single episode, that means AMC makes about $11 million off an episode. Subtract the amount of money it takes to produce an episode—according to The Hollywood Reporter, $2.75 million—that means that AMC is profiting a healthy $8 million every week off of TWD. Not bad! Just don't tell Fox News.

[via Uproxx]