Everyone expected that Xbox One would be around for a long time, now Microsoft is giving a rough timeline for exactly how long that may be.

Microsoft executive, Phil Harrison, announced that the Xbox One would be a "ten year journey" for the system and Microsoft. Much like the Xbox 360, the Xbox One will evolve over time and be updated throughout it's lifetime. 

Harrison added that the most integral part of the system will be the evolution of the cloud. Harrison believes the computing and processing capabilities of the cloud is much of the systems' potential moving forward. 

Following major backlash from consumers after Xbox One reveal conference, Harrison said "We remain committed to a digital future,". He elaborated and added that Microsoft grateful for feedback it received from fans, who were upset that the new device was a glorified television and Microsoft failed to focus on enhancing the gaming experience.

It looks as if Microsoft is sticking to their guns and is looking to revolutionize home entertainment with the Xbox One steadily over the next decade.

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[via EuroGamer]

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