When Miley Cyrus twerked her way to infamy at the MTV Video Music Awards, she created one of the most talked-about, yet wholly unnecessary, news stories of the year. With tongue unfurled, Cyrus proceeded to put on a performance that was more awkward to watch than two epileptics playing a game of Jenga. The highlight of this bizarre set came when Cyrus stripped down to her flesh-toned undergarments and started grinding up on the striped leg of Robin Thicke, who looked like he aped Beetlejuice’s style before the show.

This performance was so sexual that men across the country must have been rushing to the Internet to confirm Cyrus’ age, just in case the VMAs quickly became the largest underage sting operation since To Catch a Predator.

For the next five days, CNN lit fire to its remaining journalistic integrity by dedicating its homepage to the twerk seen ‘round the world. Plus, outlets like NBC, ABC, FOX, and every other network looking to slum for ratings replayed the video over and over to show their disgust. Of course, their disgust didn't stop them from sensationalizing it further. 

Is it really breaking news that a 20-year-old girl decided to flaunt her sexuality in front of a national audience? Was it any worse than all of the other gratuitous sex we get bombarded with every day? Isn’t there anything better to cover? Simply put, if sex offends you, the VMAs probably shouldn’t be on your radar. She’s a young star looking to make a name for herself, and we should all be comfortable with that. Well, everyone except Billy Ray.