What's beef? Beef is when a city sues another state over funds owed. Yesterday, attorney Dennis Herrera sued the state of Nevada for $500,000 on behalf of San Francisco and other counties in California for placing mental patients of Greyhound buses and relocating them to Cali. 

Herrera filed a class action lawsuit for the unwanted patients, but the Nevada Attorney General's office has responded, claiming that Herrera doesn't have any evidence to support his allegations:

Nevada Chief Deputy Attorney General Linda] Anderson countered that Herrera has not provided “sufficient explanation of your legal theory or standing for the initiation of a lawsuit by you on behalf of the ‘affected California cities and counties.’ ”

She also pointed in her letter to recent press accounts of a mental health patient sent from California to a Nevada hospital, and said that Rawson-Neal had provided care for 771 patients from California during the period Herrera is investigating, July 1, 2008 to March 31, 2013.

“Therefore, it could be argued that … the taxpayers of the State of Nevada have subsidized the State of California over $6.2 million during this same period,” Anderson wrote.

Herrera argues that patients leaving California for Nevada under their own free will is a different situation than a Nevada hospital shipping patients to California upon discharge. He certainly has a point.

[via SFist and the San Francisco Chronicle]