Early this morning, the N, Q and D trains servicing Brooklyn were reportedly delayed by a naked man who made his way onto the tracks at the Dekalb Avenue station. He really couldn't wait to get the weekend started, could he? We hope he doesn't have to be at work this morning. 

Anyway, Gawker reached out to the NYPD's press team, who denied any knowledge of trains being delayed due to a naked, unruly man. In addition, the MTA declined to return any phone calls about the matter. However, Gawker notes that the tweet by @i_am_scifi's that broke the news coincided with a tweet from the NYC Transit Authority regarding the D, N and Q service being suspended because of an investigation at Dekalb Avenue. 

Then, of course, there's tell-tale photograph. Just another night on the New York City subway.

[via Gawker]