Microsoft is exploring hundreds of potential TV concepts for the Xbox One. Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer told Bloomberg during the Tokyo Game Show in Japan: "they have literally hundreds of ideas that they are incubating right now." We assume “they” are those little writing monkeys hard at work.

Microsoft has already announced a Halo series spin-off with the help of legendary director Steven Spielberg. This will be Halo's first foray into Television and who better to lead it then one of the greatest directors off all time. After the popularity of Halo: 4 Forward Unto Dawn, the live-action web-series, it's exciting to see big name directors getting on board bringing to life some of our favorite games.

Microsoft has already partnered with the NFL and ESPN to bring live and app-based sporting events and highlights to the Xbox One but Microsoft has larger aspirations. Gaming is just one aspect of the Xbox One. Microsoft looks to dominate the living room with an all-in-one entertainment device and a large part of that is developing original TV-style programming such as movies, sitcoms, live events and digital shorts.

"We will have some new announcement[s] for TV shows coming pretty soon," says Spencer.

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[Via Bloomberg]