For better or worse, social media, in many ways, is the opposite of actually being social in the traditional sense. Rather than actually speak to people, we Tweet and Facebook our thoughts in a public matter for public consumption, and judge the value of those thoughts based on the response that they get in social media.

Ever the comic philosopher, Louis C.K recognizes this phenomena, and went on Conan to talk about why he won't buy his kids smartphones. This is because he wants them to be competent human beings who are capable of not occupying their time with their cell phones, constantly checking their updates to avoid the overwhelming emptiness in their lives.

Of course, the prolific comedian is exaggerating for comedic effect, but he does make some important points here. Phones often become a replacement for actual interaction, and we lose touch with ourselves, as we're so reliant on being in constant contact or constant communication, and we forget how to just sit there and think and reflect.

On the other hand, think about how crazy it is that at all times we're carrying around this personal computer that is more powerful than the technology we used to land on the moon. Weird stuff, but it's still better if we don't tether our emotional happiness to our devices.

Really though, are we becoming too dependent on our mobile devices, using them to cover up our actual issues? Or is Louis C.K just being old and curmudgeonly? 

[via Conan]