This is a post I never thought I would be writing, but I suppose life is just funny like that. Here we go: Apparently, some dude named Harris Danow who works as a writer's assistant on The Newsroom decided that writing some fanfiction about Lena Dunham and posting it as a missed connection on Craigslist would be a great way to spend an afternoon, so he did, and the result was SUPER CREEPY and will probably scar us all for life.

The post was discovered by Brooklyn Magazine, and is actually still up on Craigslist for the world to read and cringe at. In short, it follows a dude who claims he was Lena Dunham's college ex-boyfriend who sees a poster of her in Girls while waiting for the L train. He feels super emasculated by the fact that she's all famous and successful now while he's still a struggling playwright, and he loses the ability to get it up for other women until he has a super creepy fantasy that is so graphic I can't even post it here. I will say that in involves him imagining Lena Dunham with a gigantic penis, though, and then direct you to the actual, very NSFW Craigslist post if you want to read it for yourself (and I know you're all going to). 

Apparently, Danow was named as the poster by Brokelyn after it became apparent that he'd posted the story on his personal website and Reddit before Craigslist's missed connections. FUN. 

Sorry about the nightmares, guys.

[via Uproxx]