How much do you love your phone? Well, if you're looking to find an excuse to buy one of the new iPhones this month, the just banned game, Send Me to Heaven, could've helped you out with that.

Send Me to Heaven is available for Android, but was just banned from the Apple App Store, since it promoted users to do things that could damage their device. And, what exactly are they asked to do? The whole purpose of the game is to tempt "phone-suicide" by tossing your device as high as you can into the air. The app's creator, 50-year-old Petr Svarovsky, says his goal is to get people to break as many iPhones as possible, which sounds like some weird type of technological sadist pleasure seeking. “The original idea was to have very expensive gadgets, which people in certain societies buy just to show off, and to get them to throw it,” Svarovsky said in an interview. The surprising thing though: people are actually playing. 

The app currently has a 4.4 in the Google Play store, and there are a ton of reviews:

When a user tosses their phone into the air, the game automatically begins counting the amount of time the phone has been in zero gravity. Once you (hopefully) catch it, the app divides that amount by two, and plugs it in to a formula to determine the height your phone reached.

“When the phone leaves your hand,” Svarovsky said, “it starts to climb, and it is already in zero gravity. When it hits your hand again, it is sensing gravity again.”

So, Android users: since Apple wasn't game enough to keep it going, are you down to play? Tweet us your scores (@Complex_Tech) if you do.

Download it here.

[via Wired]