First appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #14 (1964)
Created by: Steve Ditko and Stan Lee
Most villainous act: Killing Spider-Man’s girlfriend, Gwen Stacy.

Never before has a villain had such a personal vendetta against a superhero and the man beneath the mask—then again, the Green Goblin, a.k.a. Norman Osborn, is no normal villain. The Green Goblin began as just another masked menace for Spider-Man to fight, but as the years went on, Norman Osborn developed a close relationship with Peter Parker’s friends and family, which inevitably led to tragedy when he killed Spider-Man’s girlfriend, Gwen Stacy.

This was a seminal event in comics. No other super villain had crossed that line before, and from that moment on, no one was safe from the Goblin. Over the years, Norman has moved beyond just being a villain for Spider-Man to become a foe for the entire Marvel Universe, especially after his time as the leader of the corrupt government agency known as H.A.M.M.E.R. Whether he’s a corporate foe or armed with just a handfull of pumpkin bombs, the Osborn legacy is one of death and tragedy.