If you were one of the legion of fans that complained about the cramped areas in Dragon Age II (not to mention the fact that the entire game really only featured one city), Dragon Age Inquisition should be more to your liking. Eschewing the more quaint design of the first two games, Bioware is using the muscle of the PS4 and Xbox One to craft a gigantic open world – probably the next big design trend – that's basically all about you controlling the action.

Not only does that mean you're given more tactical combat decisions but also you need to bring together warring factions across the world, uniting disparate leaders to form a massive army, leaving the door open for politics to potentially play a bigger role.

Also Skyrim-style battles with random enemies, like dragons, can just happen whenever. And visually the game is looking great. Could it be better than The Witcher 3? Maybe not, but Inqusition seems like it's definitely a big improvement over the last game. Check out this Rev3 video for more.

Via Youtube