While there is a real Breaking Bad spin-off in the works—Better Call Saul, a prequel to Breaking Bad starring the one and only Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk)—this is just so much more amazing that that could ever be. Thanks to Funny or Die, we now know what happened to poor Huell Babineaux (Lavell Crawford), who we last saw when Hank was telling him to remain in the safe house until he returned. Well, spoiler alert: Hank can't exactly ever come back to check on Huell after what went down in "Ozymandias," so it's probable that Huell is still in there, twiddling his thumbs, waiting for Hank to return. 

In Funny or Die's take, Huell moves his family in to the safe house with him, and the entire show becomes somewhat of a Tyler Perry-esque comedy that you'd see on TBS, appropriately titled Huell's Rules. It's everything you could ever want from a Huell spin-off, cheesy laugh track and all.

You can check the video out above. 

[via EW]