DC Comics is well known for its editorial disputes with creators, not so much in the realm of editorial interference, but for enacting last minute interference in plot and storyline issues which had previously been agreed upon between editorial and creators. It's not uncommon that DC Comics writers and artists depart the title that they are working on after this happens, and often fan outrage follows.

This has been the case with JH Williams III and WH Blackman, the creative team on the company's Batwoman title. And while both DC Comics and JH Williams III have acknowledged that the marriage issue has nothing to do with the sexual orientation of the character, the marriage itself was explicitly banned by DC editorial. Publisher Dan DiDo has been taking plenty of flak from outrage fans on Twitter as a result of the decision and subsequent creative departure, with many DC Comics diehards claiming that they will stop buying from the company for good. Here's some of the best responses from outraged fans on Twitter.

[via Bleeding Cool]