Having champagne taste on a beer budget doesn't work in every situation, but in the case of travel accommodations, you don't have to act your wage when staying in a new city. Hostels have always been a must for backpackers throughout the world because if you can scrape up a few dollars, you'll have a place to lay your head at night and a priceless opportunity to meet an insane amount of amazing people. The problem is that most hostels are crowded, hectic, and some don't score very high on the cleanliness scale. At the opposite end of the spectrum, plenty of amazing hotels and resorts will gladly take your money to enjoy their luxe accommodations, but after you've spent that dough on your flight, there isn't much change to put towards a three-digit per night hotel room.

Luckily for the budget traveler, boutique hostels exists all over the world, so you can still collect those passport stamps as often as you'd like. These luxury hostels provide guests with all of the amazing amenities of more expensive hotels at costs much more friendly to the young traveler who still has to pay back college loans during his gap year continent hopping. From treehouse resorts in Fiji, to centuries old mansions in Israel, we present to you with The 15 Most Awesome Hostels Around the World.

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