Xbox One with its next generation Kinect 2.0 sensor can do many things. It can read your heartbeat just by looking at you, it can map your face and body into a videogame such as Kinect Sports: Rivals and it knows when you need a hug and doles out sympathetic advice, well not yet.

Check out the video for a look at how Kinect with map your face and body and put you into the game, in an albeit stylized version. Lets face it, if it was too actualy representing us then it would just be a sad reminder of our real life in which we don't spend all day rock climbing.

This video is from Microsoft but Gamescom has revealed many other videos of peple demoing the new process. Check out this one for a "real-world" user interfacing with Kinect 2. We can't wait to scan in our our grandma and use her Dark Souls, that will exist right?

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[Via Kotaku]