As seen on: Survivor: One World (2012)

The 22-year-old Alabama native made a strong entrance on Survivor, cementing his status as the worst of its cast members. From the get-go, he made it clear that he was a raging Republican and a raging racist, which is made even more fucked up when you find out that he’s gay. You'd think he'd be able to empathize with minorities for the struggles they face when it comes to acceptance and equality.

Instead, he votes out one of his fellow contestants because he’s black. Cumbie describes the man as “ghetto trash," before adding that he doesn’t like the guy because “He’s obnoxious, he’s loud. He’s a struggling stand-up comic. Like, get a real job.” Loaded words, jerk-off. We should also point out that Cumbie himself was unemployed at the time, and bragging about it on the show.

When accused of being racist, he replied that he has lots of African-American people in his life, like “my housekeeper—she’s like a member of our family."