In the world of reality TV, there are a few rules of thumb to follow if you want a successful series: get your cast to drink a lot, fight a lot, and be as outrageous as possible to get that special trainwreck-style viewing. People not want to watch, but, try as they might, they can't turn away. 

But rules are made to be broken, and there are a few reality stars that manage to retain their popularity despite being (relatively) likable, cool people who wouldn't get drunk and harm you. These folks are anomalies, and as such they deserve recognition; it's not easy keeping classy around people throwing themselves at bottles of vodka to get more screen time.

As we're now past the mid-point of 2013, we thought it appropriate to celebrate the reality stars who exhibited either extreme of behavior in an exemplary fashionthose that are bad in the best ways possible, and those that are good in the most respectable ways possible. You know, the Best Reality Stars of 2013 (So Far)

Written by Tanya Ghahremani (@tanyaghahremani)

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