Technically this is supposed to be a trailer for AMC's new (and struggling) series Low Winter Sun, but I guess the network execs realized that the only way people will ever actually watch a trailer for Low Winter Sun is if they tack on new material from their other successful shows (i.e., Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead) in a bid to make them to watch. So, to get to this new season four Walking Dead clip, you're going to have to sit through a Low Winter Sun promo first. It's OK—just think about it this way, delayed gratification is healthy in some ways. 

Anyway, when you do actually get to the clip, here's a little about what to expect: It's not long, but basically Michonne is riding her horse back onto the prison grounds while zombies mill about around her. Carl sees, and opens the gate, but they follow her in and get way too close for comfort. Cue this GIF:

Just kidding, she'll probably be fine. But who else is really missing the show after watching this clip? 

The Walking Dead is set to return on October 13th, on AMC.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]