Hate to spoil your plans, dear readers, but Motorola will—by default—block Moto X buyers from getting 'Droid', 'Apple', 'Google' or 'Samsung' engraved on devices. 

You weren't planning on doing that anyway, were you? Well, we wouldn't blame you: with as much as Motorola has been promoting its customization features with the Moto X, you may have thought it was all fair game. With 18 different backplates and 504 different combinations, you really might have felt you could so anything with this phone. But, no. If you try the usual words like "fuck" or the like, the Motorola site will tell you, "We'd rather you not say that. How about another try?"

Okay, expected. Yet, if you put in the names of Motorola's rivals, you'll get the same response. Apparently, "Apple" is a dirty word—and so is "Google," even though they are Motorola's parent company. Awkward. Try "Powered by OS X," "Facebook," and "iPhone," well, you'll get away with it. For claiming to make one of the most customizable phones on the market, censorship doesn't quite fit. 

Apple practically lets you engrave anything.

[via The Verge]