Although she didn't invent twerking and Rihanna is now somewhere wondering whether or not she has become the Mary Kate to her Ashley Olsen, Miley Cyrus has effectively won 2013. Much of her successful transition from Disney teen star to millennial "White Mike" has a lot to do with her use of social media. Sure, it's annoying as all hell to see a girl who couldn't name a Jay Z song if you paid her three years ago suddenly behave as if she grew up Third Ward Trill, but you can't deny that she's gotten away with it one tweet, Instagram upload, and YouTube clip at a time. To wit, here's a look at Miley's memorable socia media moments. Some of these are great for her, while others are great for those who find her utterly phony. Don't worry about the latter, though, Miley. Consider it the ying and the yang. That should make it better, right? After all, aren't you besties with the Ying Yang Twins now?

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