"Life of a Stranger Who Stole my Phone" is the latest Tumblr blog to go viral for Internet shaming a thief who has no idea how phones work in 2013.

As the name of the blog suggests, the blogger had her phone and passport stolen while on vacation in Ibiza, an island near Valencia, Spain. She isn't entirely without fault, though: her phone was stolen from her belongings while she was drunk and skinny dipping with friends (c'mon people, you have to think of a better way to do this). As she writes, "they crawled through the sand, stole the stuff and walked away like nothing happened." 

After going through some less-than-ideal events, she found herself back home in Germany a short time later, but with something new: 15 new photos had synced to her Dropbox account. Turns out the phone thief hadn't deleted her Dropbox app, and every video and photo he takes is being uploaded to her account. With that, "Life of a Stranger" was born.

She strangely discovered that the thief's name is Hafid after he logged on to her Facebook and sent her a personal message from his account.

Revenge is a dish best served online.