The Las Vegas home that Władziu Valentino Liberace purchased during the 1960s was recently sold—for a mere $500,000. Liberace lived there until his death in 1987, and in the subsequent years, the home has been sold many times and even used to host receptions. Terrance Dzvonick purchased it in 2006 for $3.7 million to be used as an event space, but he lost his business license after neighbors complained about the noise, leading to its foreclosure.

JP Morgan Chase had owned the home since 2010, until die-hard Liberace fan Martyn Ravenhill recently bought it as a 50th birthday present for himself. For that price, he certainly came up on a deal. The mansion isn't in the best condition, but Ravenhill plans on collaborating with the Liberace Foundation to restore it.

[via LAist]