It looks like Bleeding Cool may have cracked the case of what that frustratingly mysterious J.J. Abrams trailer from yesterday is: A promo for Abrams' upcoming book with Doug Dorst, S.

Really, we have to give props to Brendon Connelly over at Bleeding Cool for this—it's impressive detective work. As Connelly points out, The Huffington Post published a few images back in May that were promotional material for S., and one was a post card (see above) featuring the same font that is used at the end of the trailer. He explains:

It featured text in a very particular font. The exact same font as appears at the end of the trailer.

So now I’m 100% convinced. It’s a trailer for S., a novel by Doug Dorst, devised by JJ Abrams. And yes, it’s a book riddled with Mystery Box thinking as, apparently, parts of the story will be told through 20-odd real world artefacts. Like an epistolary novel that’s been exploded and scattered.

Gotta say, this seems totally likely. The trailer doesn't fit with any other projects that Abrams' production company Bad Robot is working on, and using the same font is just the type of subtle detail we could see an Abrams project utilizing for marketing like this. In other words: Mystery (probably) solved.

S. is set to hit bookshelves on October 29th.

[via Bleeding Cool]