J.J. Abrams isn't usually one for giving anything away when it comes to the projects he's working on, but this trailer is really some new level secrecy. We're not actually sure what this is even for, and we already love it—it's that mysterious. If we weren't so frustrated, we'd have to give the guy props. 

The above trailer comes from Abrams' production company Bad Robot. Though it only runs about a minute in length, it does a great job of intriguing the audience—thanks partly to the fact that it features a faceless figure stumbling around a beach while waves wash over his feet, but mostly due to the creepy guy at the end whose mouth has been sown shut. Symbolism, for how Abrams will never, ever reveal spoilers? Maybe. We don't know! He won't tell anyone anything.

Until other hints are revealed—like whether or not this is a TV show, movie, or what—you can check out the mysterious trailer above, and feel free to analyze it to death. 

[via Vulture]