Time to let the cannonballs fly: a new report from the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) is saying that iPhone owners tend to be richer, smarter, and younger than Samsung smartphone owners. 

Okay. Samsung owners, once you've let the rage settle, check out the CIRP data: according to a survey of buyers over the past year (assuming they told the truth), iPhone owners claimed to earn more (they had a lot of $75k to $150k+ earners); had more 18-34 year old buyers than Samsung buyers; and more iPhone buyers actually earned a college degree. 

Just some FYI, though: at least Apple hasn't actually claimed that iPhone owners were better than Samsung's. Samsung fired the first round awhile back when released a commercial bashing on iPhone buyers who were waiting in line, where they pretty much alluded to iPhone owners being old (as if being old is a bad thing). Check it out below:

 Then check out Business Insider's graph of the CIPR information here.

[via Business Insider]

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