A New York Post report claims that NYPD officers are being harassed by gun-toting criminals in the wake of a federal judge curbing their stop-and-frisk practice. A law enforcement source told the Post that 21-year-old Steven Sidbury yelled “You can’t stop me! You can’t do that no more! There are new rules!” at officers in East New York last Thursday. When police approached Sidbury, he tripped and fell when running, sending a loaded .38-caliber revolver flying out of his coat pocket. 

A source close to the case fears this will begin to happen regularly now. “This is just what you’re going to see more of—people are going to be more arrogant and brazen, and they’re not going to be afraid of the police,’" the source said.

Officers from the Bronx's 40th Precicnt have reported similar behavior, even right in front of the precinct. On Saturday, police received a call about armed suspects across the police station. After running into a building, one of them turned around and said “You ain’t stop[ping] me! You ain’t gonna frisk me! No more stop-and-frisks! Whatcha gonna do?” They were still reportedly frisked, with an officer saying he would justify his actions by claiming he "was in fear of [his] safety." No weapons were discovered, but police believe the guns were stashed.

Some police sources are convinced that the stop-and-frisk ruling will lead to more violence. “They’re going to carry their guns, and if they get into a fight, they’re going to shoot right away,’’ the source told the Post. A source from Manhattan said that every criminal they've encountered is "very happy about the ruling." With this news, along with the possible retirement of nearly 3,000 officers, the NYPD is not very happy at the moment.

[via New York Post]