It's hard to remember Breaking Bad before everyone started being consumed by darkness and evil, so these audition clips featuring Aaron PaulAnna Gunn, and Dean Norris from all the way back in 2007 are an insane blast from the past.  Jesse, looking relatively carefree and innocent! Skyler, looking happy! Hank, pre-mineral obsession! We're tearing up a little.

Really, it's absolutely fascinating to watch these clips—this is long before any of the cast ever know how big, complex, and genius this show would become, and what dark twists of fate their characters would eventually succumb to. Especially Anna, who totally kills it with the handjob scene from the uncut version of the pilot. 

You can check the clips our below, and one above. Breaking Bad airs Sunday on AMC at 9 PM.

[via Indiewire]